Tollgate Community Junior School

Winston Crescent, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6NL

Tel: 01323 723298

Key Performance

On this page you will find links to Parent View, our Ofsted report and Key Performance figures. Also you can view our progress data on the DfE website.

Parent View

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The school was inspected by Ofsted on 9 Jan 2018. You can download the latest inspection report from their website.

End of KS2 Outcomes 2016-17

Reading, Writing, Maths combined: expected standard Reading: expected standard SPAG:

expected standard


expected standard

Writing (TA): expected standard
All pupils 56%

Greater Depth


Greater Depth


Greater Depth


Greater Depth


Greater Depth

National 61% 71% 77% 75% 76%
Av. scaled score: Tollgate 103.5 103 101.4
Av. scaled score: National 104.1 105.9 104.2
Average Progress
Reading -0.7
Writing -0.9
Mathematics -2.6

Key Performance 2015-2016

Percentage at Age Related Expectation

This year saw the introduction of the new style SATs tests which all 11 year olds took. The results are no longer recorded as a level, but as a scaled score with 100 being the expected score. Anything above 100 is better than average.

The numbers of pupils working at age related expectations may look low in comparison to previous years, but this is the trend across the country. Nicky Morgan (Secretary of State for Education at the time) said; “It wouldn’t mean children have performed any worse this year; simply that we have raised the bar on what counts as good enough.”

% Reaching the Expected Standard
Tollgate East Sussex National
Reading 79% 65.4 66
Writing 81% 73.5 74
Mathematics 71% 65.4 70
Reading, Writing & Maths Combined 65% 51.2 53
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar 79% 67.1 72

Average Scaled Scores for Children

A scaled score of 100 is at the expected standard.

Average Scaled Score
Tollgate East Sussex National
Reading 104.9 102.6 102.6
Mathematics 103.2 102.1 103
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar 103.8 102.8 104

Progress from KS1

Progress data is an average based on individual pupil scores.

Progress measures compare pupils’ key stage 2 results to those of other pupils nationally with similar prior attainment.

A score of 0 means pupils in this school on average do about as well at KS2 as those with similar prior attainment nationally.

A positive score means pupils in this school on average do better at KS2 than those with similar prior attainment nationally.

A negative score does not mean that pupils did not make any progress, rather it means they made less progress than other pupils nationally with similar starting points.

Average Progress Made by Pupils
Tollgate National East Sussex
Reading 2.2 0 0.4
Writing 0.2 0 -0.9
Mathematics 0.2 0 -0.5