Tollgate Community Junior School

Winston Crescent, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6NL

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Towner Annual Schools Project - TIGHTROPE

Choral Speaking

Tollgate has a proud tradition of Choral Speaking. We regularly enter the Eastbourne Music and Arts festival that is held at the Winter Garden each year. The children rehearsed with Mrs James and Mrs Huxley in their lunchtimes; a real sign of commitment!

Feedback from the adjudicator stated that for our rendition of the poem ‘Daddy Fell into the Pond’, the children had ‘given good contrasts of atmosphere, clearly spoken words and had captured the humour of the poem’.

For our excerpt from ‘James and the Giant Peach’, ‘the text and story-telling had been delivered well and the pacing was very good’.

The group achieved a mark of 84 and were awarded a Certificate of Merit.

We hope you enjoy our Choral Speaking!

Creative Writing Club

Our after-school Creative Writing club has been working with our fabulous librarian Mr Doak, to write a murder mystery:

Uncle Bob was murdered last night in his study. His niece Shelly and her friend Peyton, find him the next day in his study.

They decide to go on a journey with lawyer, Mr Mac Mackinytre, to find clues and to solve the mystery…

Who is the mysterious killer?

Will Peyton and Shelly find out before it is too late?

Watch our movie trailer to whet your appetite!!